And enter the magical world of Ear Candy - a Calgary based audio boutique built on a foundation of passion and creativity... and some say, a modicum of madness.

We hope you enjoy the show!

The Ear Candy suite is equipped with everything required to run circles around a three-ring circus, but the relaxed atmosphere takes you far from the madding crowd. You can ask any of our clients about the super-cool vibe, but we suggest you come down and experience it for yourself.

A sampling of our audio goodies:

  • Pro Tools HD Dolby Digital Suite with all the fixings
  • Massive sound effects and music library
  • ISDN Lines to connect with talent all over the world
  • International award winning music and sound design

No matter what your taste, we can mix up the flavour you're looking for. With original music, anything is possible and you are guaranteed to stand out, so place your order for some truly inspired composition and let Ear Candy fully unleash its creative genius.


Sweet 011,
611-10th ave. S.W.
Calgary Alberta Canada
T2R 0B2
Telephone 403.234.9875
Fax 403.289.1233
[email protected]